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At the age of 19 Nadja Bonacina’s style was declared too extreme by The Art School in Switzerland and they rejected her application. Switzerland’s loss was our gain as she brought her unique outlook and artistic vision to the United States with the dream of becoming an animator. In Los Angeles she received her AA from the film school at Los Angeles Community College and furthered her education with drawing and 3D classes at the Animation Institute. Her career has spanned almost two decades and she has had the privilege of working at some of the most highly respected animation studios such as: Klasky Csupo, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, and Disney Feature Animation.


Alongside Nadja’s animation career she has nurtured her passion for photography. For her 16th birthday her mother gifted her with a Pentax P30 camera which sparked a fire for capturing moments in time that still burns brightly today. She has the uncanny ability to look at the mundane world that surrounds us and pull out something extraordinary. In the last year she has immersed herself in street photography; taking classes at Otis school of Art & Design and winning 3rd place in the LA Times Capture LA photo contest in 2016.


Whether on a trip abroad or walking through her neighborhood, she has a camera at the ready and is eager to continue working on her craft. She sees the world through a camera lens and is eager to share her vision.


photo by David Valera





Here are some prints for purchase:

SOCIETY 6 – Purpleswiss

September 3rd – Oct 1st 2016:

Happy to announce, that I am part of a photography group show at the Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.


Hive Gallery Photo exhibit

At the beginning of 2016 I entered the LA TIMES Capture LA contest. They announced the winners in May. To my total amazement, I won the 3rd prize in the “Daily Life” category. Check out the Winners here:


Photographing the world 

Curiosity killed the cat

Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon different parts of the world with eyes wide open.

One photo at a time.

Photographing Moments

There is a glitch in the Matrix

Recently, I started wandering the streets, realizing there is discovery just around the corner.

One moment at a time.

Venice Beach, CA